Hi, I'm Letitia I am an artist, illustrator, graphic designer and image maker.  My creations are vibrant in colour, shadows, exquisite light and pattern.

I have been an artist for over 20 years, my work has been used to create my own exclusive range of sustainably made silk scarves, and I have collaborated with some amazing brands across the fashion and design world, Kip and Co, State of Georgia, Murley and Co Millinery, Electric Confetti, Peppermint magazine, Izzy Wheels, Trilogy Skincare and Concrete Jellyfish to name a few. Recently I got create artistic windows for Lululemon, had my scarves have featured on the runway at New York Fashion Week and my artwork has featured on a range of disposable coffee cups for Bio Pak. Prior to this I worked in fashion graphic design,  I work on a limited amount of projects every month so if you are interested in working with me get and touch and let's see if we would be a good fit!


Official Bio

Letitia Green is a visual artist from having her hands in multiple disciplines, including Illustration, Graphic Design and Interiors. Her passions focus on fashion and interiors and more recently photography where she is exploring portraiture and still life photography, becoming a finalist in the Fremantle International Portrait Prize 2019 and  receiving several awards by Capture Magazine for Australasias' Emerging Photographers 2020.

Letitias' art work is drenched in vibrant colour, collage, textures and materials. 

Letitia Greens' work has been seen at New York Fashion Week, worn by artist Rihanna, been featured in numerous home and design magazines, can be seen adorn an apartment in Prahran, and sold at the NGV design store and the Museum of Contemporary Art. Letitia has also been a guest speaker at the Melbourne Museum as part of Virgin Australia Fashion Festival.

Letitia has collaborated with local and international brands, and continues to seek exciting and innovative pieces to add to her own store offering, including beautiful lampshades made in Ghana and her own capsule collections, moving more towards her love for Interiors.

To see more of Letitia Greens' extensive list of current clients and work, please go the News & Press section of the website.

Letitia is available to discuss future commissions or collaborate on a project whether that be a custom textile design, illustration, artwork, interior design consultation for colour and styling, family photography, still life photography or portrait photography.