Feature on Noise Co.

Feature on Noise Co.

The lovely ladies over at Noise Co have featured an Interview based on Iso 2019.

Beautiful words written by Natalie Kaplan, of Noise co.

Why is it that some of us are gifted with ALL the creative genius? Letitia Green is that person. As an artist, illustrator, graphic designer and image maker, her creations are a riot of colour and pattern. The brightness and joy in her artwork are mirrored in her personality and Letitia is one of those people who always leaves you feeling better and brighter. After spending time with her, you just can’t help walking away with a little extra spring in your step.

Letitia’s vibrant designs have adorned her own exclusive range of sustainably made silk scarves, and she has collaborated with some amazing brands across the fashion and design world, Kip and Co, State of Georgia, Murley and Co Millinery, Electric Confetti, Peppermint magazine, Izzy Wheels, Trilogy Skincare and Concrete Jellyfish to name a few. She has done artistic windows for Lululemon, had her scarves featured on the runway at New York Fashion Week and her artwork has featured on a range of disposable coffee cups for Bio Pak.

Letitia has recently turned her artistic eye to photography and she loves the storytelling that the camera allows her. Her talent knows no boundaries, and last year she was awarded a finalist in the Fremantle International Portrait Prize 2019.

In addition to doting on her gorgeous 6-year-old daughter, Tippi, and beautiful whippets Winnie and Tigerlily, Letitia has put this time in lockdown to excellent use with a series of “in isolation” portraits taken of her subjects behind glass. These images capture the mood of the world we are currently living in, and will no doubt become a treasured time capsule for those lucky enough to be featured.

Below, Letitia shares the things that have been getting her and her family through isolation, including her music playlists, essential shopping cart items, and some wise words about enjoying life in the present.

What is your day job and what does it “normally” look like?

I am a visual artist. I’m “normally” working on a range of work from all types of graphic to fashion design, to illustration and personal projects, working with local and like-minded, valued, sustainable focused clients . I am also studying an Advanced Diploma of Photography, so I might be shooting and working on my assignments or projects amongst balancing work and motherhood. I work from my home studio, so after social media, I’ll respond to emails and work on projects in order of importance.

How has your work been impacted?

Time! I now have limited time to be focusing on work, but there is now a lot of scope to create new opportunities for design or business in this pandemic. Using my art for good, for communication, for mindfulness, for storytelling, and preserving what will soon be major history. I am also more focused at the moment in keeping sane, getting into our own new rhythm and staying connected in new ways.

I am still trying to Zoom in to 6 hours of Photography theory a week, which makes things challenging when I have a 6-year-old to entertain at the same time, plus still working with clients and doing practical photography assignments.  But to be honest, the whole Covid-19 has really made me aware yet again and always, of what comes first, which has always been my daughter and immediate family, so if I have to defer in the future or put a pause on projects to focus on the present, then that is what must be.

Your tips for keeping covid-19 anxiety at bay?

Music – we have been playing uplifting music and dancing a lot, our top three artists being Sia, Nina Simone and Bob Marley, yet lots of styles are being played for variety and fun. Making loads of art and craft, getting out into the garden and fresh air. Cooking, eating & drinking. Walking & cuddles with the dogs. Hot baths and reading magazines or books rather than social media or news. Long phone calls, Zoom, Messenger and FaceTime with family and friends. Also, listening to your own heart. Staying at home is very different if you are a parent. For parents, it can be hectic, exhausting and absorbing. Take time out for you when you can!

Three items in your (panic buying) trolley?

At first it was Easter eggs, as I just didn’t want the spirit and joy of Easter to feel impacted to my daughter, (and I’m never very practical) and  craft supplies, books & Panadol. Now, its tissues, Armaforce and fresh foods & wine from the local grocer.

 Something you’ll never take for granted again?

The freedom to travel and the freedom to just be with people. The closeness we take for granted.

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