Artist Collaboration with French Illustrator Jeremy Combot

Artist Collaboration with French Illustrator Jeremy Combot
This collaborative project of limited edition artist prints came about through a mutual love of colour, print, pattern, fashion and illustration, and an opportunity to create some unique fashion prints for the world to enjoy.
There are 3 prints, Norma, Olive & Hariet, although we could have kept creating as we were so in love with each others work!
A little below about us.
I am Jérémy Combot, a freelance illustrator from France. I am a self taught artist, guided by passion. 
My work could be defined as a mixture of crazy colors / Fashion / 90's / Pop culture / Youth & Airiness / Beauty & Ugliness. All my illustrations are handmade: I like to use inks, ProMarkers, very thin pens, watercolor. I sometimes add collages or graphic lines with Photoshop.
I don’t live through my caracters, I invent them from A to Z. Every lines, every strands, every volumes, every patterns that I draw on the paper is a step to their intimacy. 
Letitia Green is a local Melbourne illustrator and graphic designer, launching her own sustainable scarf label, and working on print design projects, whilst being a mum.
Her love of intricate pattern, texture and hand drawn is evident in all she creates, celebrating the beauty of nature & using injections of bright colour palettes to create playful designs.

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